30 Years of TechFest Science Festival

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30 Years of TechFest's Science Festival kicks off later this week, with events in the Aberdeen as well as online. The festival runs from Sunday 29 October until Saturday 18 November. We've had a browse of the programme and picked out some of our favourite events.

Pokémaths - The Maths Behind the Video Game

How many Pikachu’s does it take to power a lightbulb? How much does a Charizard eat? And why does the world of Pokémon seem to ignore the basic laws of physics? Dr Tom Crawford looks at the maths behind one of the world’s favourite video games.

Weds 1 Nov, 7pm online. Free. Suitable for age 12+

It's a Funny Way to Make a Living

Join wildlife photographer and cameraman Dr Michael Leach for a behind the scenes introduction to the realities of professional wildlife filming, as he explains how to coax animals into the right spot and shares some cunning tricks-of-the-trade that produce amazing images. Be prepared to have some illusions shattered!

Fri 3 Nov, 6:30pm online. Free. Suitable for age 5+

A Day Under the Stars

Enjoy a visit to the unique environment of the TechFest Dome at the University of Aberdeen Science Teaching Hub. Find out why we have day and night, wonder at a sky full of stars and discover the constellations and take part in space related activities.

Sat 4 Nov, 10am - 3pm. Free. Suitable for age 5+

Family Activity Day

Join TechFest for a fun family activity day at the University of Aberdeen, Science Teaching Hub for a variety of hands-on interactive activities for all the family to enjoy.

Sun 5 Nov, 10am - 4pm. Free. Suitable for age 5+

So you want to be a forensic scientist?

It is usually the kids that get to have all the fun, but not this time! This interactive event is for adults to come and play at being a Forensic Scientist at the RGU forensic lab. Help put the pieces of the case together and try to solve the crime.

Weds 15 Nov, 7pm - 9pm. Cost £2 per person. For age 18+

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Facing the Future: Edinburgh Science Festival 2024

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29th Sep

Science Sunday at the National Museum of Flight

National Museum of Flight | | Free with museum admission
Celebrate Maths Tales with our Science Sunday at the National Museum of Flight