Maths Week Scotland returns 23 - 29 September 2024 with 'Maths Tales'

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What do zombie crime scenes, fancy dress parades and baking have in common? They are just some of the ways schools have got involved with Maths Week Scotland. The options are limited only by your imagination!


Maths Week Scotland is not just for schools! Maths is in the world around us, and there are plenty of ways for any group to have fun with maths.


Maths is in the world around us, and there are plenty of ways for you and your family to have fun with maths at home, and out and about. Turn any day into a maths adventure!
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Pin your school on the map!

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Mathscot Competition Winners

In January, we launched a competition and invited children from across Scotland to design a mascot for us. We are delighted to announce the winners, and to introduce you to our new 'Mathscot'!


Maths Tales: Origami Bookmark

Our theme this year is Maths Tales, so for World Book Day we are showing you how to fold an origami bookmark.


Maths Week Scotland for Libraries: How to get involved

Maths Week Scotland works with a range of organisations, including libraries, to enable people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with numeracy and mathematics. Here are some low cost ways your library can get involved - it's the taking part that counts!


Maths Week Scotland 2024: Maths Tales

Maths Week Scotland will be back 23 September - 29 September 2024 with the theme Maths Tales, looking at how Maths is used to tell stories.