Case Studies

Find inspiration for celebrating Maths Week Scotland from one of the school projects from previous years.

Case Study
Beauty of Maths Exhibition

Corstorphine Primary School embraced the 2022 Beauty of Maths theme including a visit to the National Galleries of Scotland and creating their own exhibition.

Pupils from Corstorphine Primary School created mathematical artworks throughout the weeks leading up to Maths Week Scotland. They gained inspiration from a visit to the National Galleries of Scotland using the Galleries' new resource before getting creative back at school. They made a video tour of their art exhibition before having a visit from Shirley-Anne Somerville, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills.

Entries from the Capturing Corstorphine photography competition, where families and children from across the school working creatively together to capture the 'Beauty of Maths', were also part of the art exhibition display.

Through this project, we aimed to instil an awareness of maths surrounding us each and every day. This marvellous focus allowed every child to thrive, brought our community together and demonstrated that maths is for everyone. Looking at maths from an arts perspective has ensured equality, inclusion and creativity… more of this approach would help us explore the wonder and magic of maths in our everyday lives.
Case Study
Curtain Up

During Maths Week Scotland 2022 people shared the maths they use every day in their jobs and workplaces.

Over at Theatre Royal in Glasgow pupils from Eastbank Academy and Eastbank Primary School got a chance to head behind the scenes hosted by Creative Learning, King's Theatre & Theatre Royal, Scottish Opera, and award-winning architects Page/Park, designers of the new foyer at the Theatre Royal. The day focused on the skills and professions that blends arts and science, seeing examples of how maths is applied in backstage and technical roles including a backstage tour.

Pupils also turned their mathematical and creative eyes to the architecture of the building and the impressive double helix staircase. They were challenged to create their own design for the staircase with winners receiving tickets to see Beauty and the Beast.

The S1 pupils were full of praise when they got back to school. It was a great experience for pupils that have recently joined Eastbank to find out more about ATG, the job roles available in this sector and to challenge themselves putting Maths into real life situations. Lovely for them to be out in the real work after the last few years of education disrupted by Covid
Case Study
Rainbow Hunters

Beattock Nursery became Rainbow Hunters during Maths Week Scotland 2020 completing trails with tasks along the way!

The trails included

  • Timing how fast they could get round
  • Matching colours and shapes.
  • Digging for gold and weighing balance scales
  • Investigating shiny objects, reflections and symmetry

At the end of the week parents and families to joined a Rainbow Hunt at the local nature park with maths activities. Each family received e a Rainbow Maths Bag to use over the October holiday containing simple maths activities and resources such as coloured lollipop sticks for measuring and matching.

Every one of our families attended the Rainbow Hunt. It was a real feel-good event and we plan to do one again in the spring term. Yes, there is gold at the end of the rainbow!!!
Case Study
Enigma Machine

Secondary schools in Angus all got to experience a real enigma machine with a visit from the Bletchley Park Team. They got hands on with cracking codes, and inspired by stories of the role of mathematicians in the Second World War.

Mr Peter Todd organised the week of workshops and talks with all secondary schools in the area, with funding from the Scottish Government and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.

The impact from the visit has been huge. Every time Thomas went to a school there was a queue of teachers waiting to see the Enigma machine. How often do students get to see teachers genuinely enthused and interested about something in the school? I think the event had a massive impact on student interest in Mathematics and in particular codebreaking.
Case Study
Disaster Relief Day

Disaster Relief day challenged students from Kilchrenan Primary, Achaleven Primary and Barcaldine Primary to work against the clock on a series of activities themed around an international disaster relief rescue mission.

Although presented as a fictional scenario a sense of urgency and drama was created with authentic posters, presentation of activities and timed events.

Pupils used numeracy, reasoning, creative and social skills to solve problems including Designing a Rescue Vehicle, Moving Supplies, Recording a TV Appeal and Loading Planes.

Funding for transport for the schools and materials were from the Maths Week Scotland Small Grants Fund. Content for the day developed by school staff.

The children were able to achieve a challenge using ‘their’ maths. They had fun doing it. They saw it fit into the world in new ways, real ways. What was wonderful was to see maths achievement on the faces of the children, that came from the knowledge that they had ‘done it’ with maths!