Our #MathsWeekScot 2021 Highlights

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Maths is everywhere in the world around us. You've helped demonstrate in wonderful ways the world of maths in everyday life on Twitter this week - through science, technology, art and culture. Thank you to everyone for sharing what you’ve been up to with #MathsWeekScot, it has been incredible to see! The theme for this year ‘Our World’ has really encompassed it all, from solving mysteries to understanding and responding to the climate emergency. Here are just a few of our highlights from the week...

Maths makes a splash

💧 We calculated our water footprints, not just the water we use at home but in the food we eat and items we use! Find out what your water footprint is and links to splashing resources in this thread.

💧 A mathematical comparison from National Museums Scotland put the unfathomable amount of plastic entering the world's ecosystems into context.

Maths + climate emergency + creativity = COP26 inspired posters by pupils from Annette Street. What an impressive and poignant combination!

Pupils from Darnley Primary were also inspired by COP26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) to create their own eco playground, which was both creative and cost effective!

We have loved seeing you explore maths outdoors, and were very impressed with these tessellations Craighead Primary pupils found.

People joined Aberdeen Science Centre from all over Scotland for the 'Our World' live streamed workshop. To help show you the maths in the world around us, we collaborated with Dynamic Earth to create a number of resources on 'Navigating Our World', that you can continue to explore here.

The importance of representation

Pupils from Braidbar Primary School and St. Marnock's Primary School demonstrated the importance of representing everyone in maths. Pupils created these works to showcase lesser known mathematicians, their backgrounds and barriers they faced. What important and incredible work, keep it up and keep sharing!

Make sure you check out The Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2021 this week and follow National Numeracy on Twitter who will be sharing and celebrating black mathematicians and their many accomplishments, in history and today for #BlackHistoryMonth.

Ready, set, #MathsBakes

We were joined by National Numeracy ambassador and Bake Off winner 2020 Peter Sawkins earlier this week to learn all about maths in baking.

You’ve been calculating, measuring, doubling, converting, counting and timing to create many marvellous #MathBakes!

And, for those with more of a savoury tooth Glenmanor pupils cooked up a mathematical storm using produce from their garden to make an old Scottish recipe - 'Rumbledethumps!'.

“The more math you know, the more stuff you can make” - George Hart

Mathematical artist Henry Segerman shared some of his incredible work with us, if you missed his talk you can watch it here.

Pupils from Netherthird and Carolside Primary created musical maths melodies. Strings vs boomwhackers - you decide!

From music to dancing, Carolside Primary got their mathematical dance on during their 'maths ceilidh' and rhythm workshop.

Pupils got inspired by Picasso to create their own marvellous Mathasso’s this week.

In pursuit of curves, St Bridget's Primary pupils merged maths and art to create these dazzling designs.

Gorebridge Primary looked at maths in the world of work and packaging design.

Maths in museums

Maths is used in a myriad of ways in museums and you've been exploring maths in museums all week!

Our trail at National Museums Scotland continues for a while longer and schools can still have a go at the Summerlee Museum Maths Trail. The John Gray Centre and The McManus shared some of their favourite mathematical museum objects. We challenge you to look for the maths in museums next time you visit!

We saw so many great examples shared over Twitter this week for our #ShowYourWorking campaign. You can find our highlights here. Many thanks to everyone for all of your contributions to help demonstrate the real-life applications of maths in the workplace!

More murder mysteries were solved with maths!

Over 75,000 of you took part in #MathsWeekScot and we can’t thank you enough for getting involved and sharing what you have been up to! Maths isn’t just for one week a year, it is part of our lives everyday. So, you can find all of our resources on our website all year round and keep sharing your #MathsBakes, #ShowYourWorking and well, anything maths related with us on Twitter.

We'll leave you with this amazing calculating costume creation from one of Westhill Academy's teachers, who else would like to see more maths costume creations? - We definitely do!

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