#MathsWeekScot 2021 highlights so far!

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Maths Week Scotland 2021 is nearly upon us and we’ve already seen an incredible amount of mathtastic activities! Keep tagging your posts with #MathsWeekScot and we’ll be sharing our highlights from the week. In the meantime, here are just a few that we’ve seen so far and we can’t wait to see what else you get up to!

The Times Tables Rock Stars team found out they have a long way to go before they out-perfect the rock star pupils at Gawber Primary School.

Pupils from Bracoden Primary got creative with nature and fractions, as well as creating some impressive 3D shapes.

A crime needed solving at Woodside Primary with the help of their pupils' maths skills, we await to hear the verdict.

We’ve been asking people working in any industry to help show that maths is indeed everywhere and to highlight its importance in all careers! Keep sharing your #ShowYourWorking tweets with us on how you use maths in your role throughout Maths Week Scotland 2021. Helyn from National Museums Scotland shared how she uses maths in her role at the museum as the Enabler Supervisor in this great thread.

Mr Michin came up with the simplest maths lesson ever (not yet evidenced). You can catch him speaking next week at the University of Edinburgh Teachers event.

Pupils at Northmuir Primary have been getting their bake on and we want to see more of your mathematical bakes and decorations for Maths Week Scotland! We know maths is in everything we do, including baking these delicious looking beetroot and chocolate muffins.

Next week schools across Scotland will be joining Bake Off 2020 winner Peter Sawkings to look at the maths in baking. You can share your bakes with a math twist on Twitter with #MathsBakes… Will you only use four sided shapes? Make a selection of cakes each double in size? Can you recreate the Maths Week Scotland logo?

So far, we’ve had 255 schools and 68,487 pupils in Scotland sign up to Maths Week Scotland! Have you pinned your school to the map to become an official Maths Week Scotland School? It’s really simple, just pin your school to the map here and register!

Maths Week Scotland started early at Summerlee Museum and there is a whole fraction of amazing activities going on! We had so much fun giving the Maths Trail a go, you can explore more maths in the museum activities here and don't worry the maths trail will be sticking around for a bit longer for future school trips.

We’ve added even more events and resources for you to use next week and throughout the year, check them out here.

Help us share how maths is everywhere and what you and your pupils get up to over Maths Weeks Scotland 2021! We want everyone to see how inspiring, engaging and awesome maths is with this year's theme ‘Our World’. All week we’ll be exploring the importance of maths in understanding and responding to the climate emergency and continuing to find the maths in the world around us.

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