#MathsWeekScot 2022 - Beauty of Maths Highlights

Beauty of Maths Highlights Preview feature

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing on Twitter what you’ve been up to in #MathsWeekScot. In particular, we have seen some really incredible music and art projects shared by schools, inspired by this year's theme of 'Beauty of Maths'. One school even went as far as putting on a whole 'The Beauty of Maths' exhibition!

Here are just a few of our highlights from the week so far.


Famous Artists

Lots of schools were inspired by famous artists to create art with a maths twist, including tessellation patterns in the style of MC Escher and line art inspired by Piet Mondrian, which are both covered in the Looking & Listening for the Beauty in Maths video series by the Scottish Mathematical Council.

Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky are artists that are both mentioned in this year's Maths Week Scotland Activity Packs, so we had quite a few schools sharing about them too.

Sol LeWitt, which is one of the artists covered in The Beauty of Maths resource by National Galleries Scotland, also got a lot of mentions. Other artists that provided inspiration, included Keith Haring, Andy Goldsworthy and Picasso.

Circles & Curves

Curves of pursuit, parabolic curves, and circle art - including circle art inspired by the Fibonacci sequence - all made quite a few appearances on Twitter:


Patterns, Shapes & Symmetry

Quite a few schools took part in the Infinity Tiles workshop, or tried out the symmetry art ideas from the Maths Makes Art video series. Many schools also just explored what patterns they could make with different shapes and resources.

Geometry & Angles

Fraction Art

A special shout out also goes to this school who held a ‘The Beauty of Maths’ door competition:

And these four pupils who explored the beauty of maths be creating some beautiful Lego flowers:


The other focus of ‘Beauty in Maths’, was of course music, and we’ve seen some good rhythms going on Twitter.

Percussive Palindromes

Again, we saw lots of schools taking inspiration from the Looking & Listening for the Beauty in Maths video series, and sharing their Percussive Palindromes...

Pentatonic Scales

...and their Pentatonic Scales.

Check out these videos on Twitter from @MuirtownPrimary, @P7HWPS and @PittencrieffPS of their musical maths weeks.

Rhythm & Fractions

Learning to DJ


And, finally, a group of educators shared the fantastic Boomwhackers workshop they attended, which we are sure lots of children will benefit from. You can hear them demonstrating what they learned, over on Twitter at @NAC_PLA.

(This article was edited on 2 October to add some more examples.)

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