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Maths Week Scotland 2024: Maths Tales

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Maths Inside 2021 Winners

On Saturday 30 October the Maths Inside Award Ceremony celebrated all participants and announced the winners of this years competition. Take a peek at the winning entries and get inspired for next years competition!

Our #MathsWeekScot 2021 Highlights

Maths is everywhere in the world around us. You've helped demonstrate in wonderful ways the world of maths in everyday life on Twitter and here are just a few of our highlights from the week!

#MathsWeekScot 2021 - What's on this weekend?

What an incredible week it's been so far and there is still so much more to do as we head into the weekend!

#ShowYourWorking 2021 - We asked, you told!

In the run up to and during Maths Week Scotland 2021, we’ve been encouraging people from all walks of industry to get involved in our #ShowYourWorking campaign and show off how they use maths in their roles and demonstrate the importance of maths in a whole range of potential future careers for Scotland’s young people.

Calculating Climate Change on Scotland’s Coast

Maths underpins science and allows societies to better understand and predict change, risk and ways to make the world a better place. Alistair Rennie from Nature Scot tells us how a few simple measurements and calculations can be cleverly scaled up to understand how our coastlines have changed over the last 140 years, and how they may change under different climate scenarios over the 21st century.

Maths Protecting Our World

Data are everywhere from Covid to Google to geese and it is messy. How do we make sense of that data when there is all that uncertainty? Statistics! Emma Mitchell from Nature Scot tells use how statistics are helping us make sense of the natural world around us.

#MathsWeekScot 2021 highlights so far!

Maths Week Scotland 2021 is nearly upon us and we’ve already seen an incredible amount of mathtastic activities! Keep tagging your posts with #MathsWeekScot and we’ll be sharing our highlights from the week. In the meantime, here are just a few that we’ve seen so far and we can’t wait to see what else you get up to!

One World: Edinburgh Science Festival 2021

This year Edinburgh Science Festival (26 June - 11 July) explores how science connects us. We've rounded up our top five maths events from the festival. Which is your favourite?

Maths Week Scotland 2021: Our World

Maths Week Scotland will be back 27 September - 3 October 2021 with the theme 'Our World'.

Maths at the Museum: Art Challenge 2020

Maths is all around us. At home, in everyday objects and in nature. National Museums Scotland collects and cares for millions of objects. We have taken a delve into the stores for some maths inspiration to help you enter the Museum Art challenge.

Maths Week Scotland 2020 Highlights

We are coming to the end of another fantastic year of maths inspiration and activity throughout Scotland! We’ve really enjoyed seeing all of your social media posts and following your exploration of maths throughout the week.

Maths at the Museum: Contributing to Conservation

Over the last few days we have been hearing how maths is important to people and workplaces all across Scotland with #ShowYourWorking. National Museums Scotland has millions of objects in it's collection. We spoke to Ashleigh Whiffin, Assistant Curator of Entomology, about her work with the insect collections at National Museum Scotland.

#ShowYourWorking 2020 Highlights

This #MathsWeekScot, we’re looking for you to #ShowYourWorking and show us an interesting example of how maths is used in your workplace.

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour with Dekko Comics

This year, Scottish Book Trust is bringing literacy, art and numeracy together with Rossie Stone of Dekko Comics who creates comic books to explore maths through illustration.

Make sure your sector is represented in Maths Week Scotland 2020!

This #MathsWeekScot, we’re looking for you to #ShowYourWorking and show us an interesting example of how maths is used in your workplace.

How we use maths in Scouts Scotland

Have you ever been orienteering? Out on a hill, or maybe a woodland, working with friends to follow a map and find those little markers hidden around a trail. Having great fun in the outdoors, staying just on the right side of not getting lost. Do you realise you were learning maths skills while you were doing it?