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Maths Week Scotland 2024: Maths Tales

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Maths Week 2023 for Schools - Volume 2

Everything you need to know about Week 2 of our Maths Week 2023 schools programme.

Maths and The Arts: Where Magic Takes Form!

Curious about the perks of studying maths and its connection to the Arts? Explore the fascinating world where maths and creativity intertwine in this guest post from 3Theatre.

JoJo Gnome and the Shape Map

If you are looking for some early years fun with shapes then Jo Hall has a new story for you. In 'JoJo Gnome and The Shape Map’, the little Scottish gnome goes for a walk finding shapes outdoors, perfect for this year’s ‘Maths In Motion’ theme.

Maths Week Scotland 2023 - What's On for Schools?

We've rounded up this year's Maths Week Scotland events for schools in a handy, day-by-day overview. The programme is a mix of mix of both online and in-person events.

Maths Week Scotland 2023: What's On for Families?

We are delighted to be offering a big programme of family activities again this year! Find out what's on in your area.

The Maths Behind Fire Fighting

Discover some of the ways firefighters use maths in their work, as part of our annual #ShowYourWorking campaign.

Maths Inside 2023 Photography Competition

It’s World Photography Day today, which is a perfect excuse to tell you about this year’s Maths inside photography competition!

Stained Glass Window

The big circular windows that take pride of place in many churches and cathedrals, particularly in Gothic architecture, are usually divided into symmetrical sections, with intricate designs made up of shapes. Today, we'll show you how to create your own mini stained glass window, with a symmetrical design.

Shut the Box

Shut the Box is a fun dice game for two or more players, though can also be played by one player as a solitaire game. It's a great game for encouraging number recognition and practicing addition and number bonds.

How to Play Trash

We have another fun card game to share with you today, that is great for number recognition and for practicing number sequences. It is know as 'Trash' or "Garbage'.

Maths in Motion Poster Competition Winners

Earlier this year, we ran a competition inviting children from Pre-School through to S3 to design a poster for this year's Maths Week Scotland theme, Maths in Motion. Check out the winners' gallery!

DIY Bead & String Puzzle

We love a good brain teaser here at Maths Week Scotland, and in today's craft activity you can get hands on with your very own DIY bead & string puzzle.

DIY Tessellation Template

In this fun tessellation art activity, we'll show you how to create your own tessellation template and make a pattern with it.

How to play Sevens

Sevens is a dice game for two or more players, that you can play anywhere, any time. A perfect game to take out and about with you.

How to play Dots & Boxes

Whether you’re travelling over the summer holidays and need something to keep the kids busy on the road, or looking for a boredom buster back at home, you can’t go wrong with a quick and easy pen and paper game.

Create Your Own Lego Pentomino Puzzle

A pentomino puzzle is a tiling puzzle with lots of different solutions, that helps build problem solving skills and strategic thinking. Dig out your Lego to create your own puzzle!