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Maths Week Scotland 2024: Maths Tales

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How to Play Dara

Learn how to play Dara - a row building game from Northwest Africa, that encourages number sense, logical thinking and spacial perception.

Maths Games & Activities for the Beach

Keep up your maths over the summer holidays, with our fun games and activities to do at the beach.

#ShowYourWorking Campaign 2023

Find out how to get involved with our annual campaign, that aims to highlight how maths is relevant across all job sectors!

Looking Forward: Glasgow Science Festival 2023

Glasgow Science Festival kicks off tomorrow (1 - 11 June 2023), with the theme "Glasgow's Looking Forward". We've had a browse through the programme, and picked out some of our favourite events.

Maths Outdoors: 30 Days Wild

For the UK Wildlife Trusts annual 30 Days Wild challenge, which encourages people to spend more time outside and engage with nature, we've come up with 30 fun ideas to get you active in nature and incorporate some maths along the way.

Bookbug's Big Shoogle!

Get ready for some Maths in Motion - Bookbug Week 2023 kicks off today, and what better way to getting things moving than with a big shoogle to our favourite Bookbug counting songs!

Maths in Motion Poster Competition

To help us promote this year’s Maths Week Scotland, we are delighted to launch our competition to design a poster in response to our theme MATHS IN MOTION. The winning entries will be digitised and used in our online promotion on our website and social media channels.

Science Ceilidh

How can we use music and dance to explore mathematical concepts? We teamed up with Science Ceilidh to find out.

How to Write a Pi-ku

In honour of Haiku Poetry Day, find out how to write your own haiku with a special mathematical twist!

Spring & Easter Puzzles

Now that Spring is here, it's not long until the Easter school holidays. We've put together a selection of Spring and Easter puzzles, perfect for some end of term fun at school or as a boredom buster during the holidays.

Let's Experiment: Edinburgh Science Festival 2023

It's Spring in Edinburgh means, which means the return of the Edinburgh Science Festival (1-16 April)! This years theme is Let's Experiment, and we've hunted through the programme to pick out some of our maths highlights for you.

7 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March, each year in honour of the mathematical constant pi (π), which represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Here are seven fun ways to celebrate Pi Day.

How to Make a Pi Day Necklace or Bracelet

To celebrate Pi Day, we're showing you two different ways to make a necklace or bracelet that will help you memorise the digits of pi. Make some to wear on Pi Day, or to share with a maths loving friend.

Pancake Maths

You know how much we love baking here at Maths Week Scotland, and pancakes are no different. So for Pancake Day, here's a wee reminder of how much maths is involved in baking pancakes.

Magazine Number Hunt

Dig out your old magazines and keep the kids busy during half term, with our magazine number hunt.

Geometric Heart Puzzle for Valentines Day

Create your own geometric heart puzzle for Valentines Day. Also a great activity for talking about fractions, multiplication, shapes and patterns.